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I have no issue with Mulford breastfeeding her boyfriend, as long as it's not in the food hall of Westfield where I frequently take my lunch. As much as I support public breastfeeding, when the child being fed is actually old enough to have a beer chaser after his feed, I think it's better done in private.

Obviously Leeson has no real nutritional need for breast milk, given there are so many fine alternatives around. She has quit work to pump her breasts every two hours, to stimulate lactation, as she hasn't breastfed a child for 20 years. In fact, an Atlanta mother, Jessica Mulford, has attracted worldwide attention for breastfeeding her boyfriend, 36-year-old Brad Leeson. Yes, this is a thing - a fairly limited "thing", but a thing nonetheless.For a start, Leeson would probably need solid food as well, at least a couple of times a day, so Mulford won't be saving a lot at the supermarket. Finally, even if Mulford loves breastfeeding her adult partner, it still begs the question: What's in it for Leeson?

Secondly, there is the issue of teeth, of which Leeson seems to have several. We joke about kids not needing breast milk once they can ask for it.

And as much as he tries to keep them out of the way when having his milk, no doubt they're going to graze her nipples at some point. His adult teeth would have come in some 25 years ago.

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OPINION: Recently I had the great privilege of discussing one of the pressing issues of our time on television. And really, who are we to criticise what two consenting adults do with their bodies?

But breastfeeding creates a "magical bond" for Leeson and Mulford, which clearly they don't get from regular adult interactions, like having sex, sharing secrets, and fighting over who takes out the trash.

Toddler formula, for example, or shots of Johnny Walker.