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This cover is for every woman who felt like she wasn’t beautiful enough because of her size. In her Instagram reveal, she shared similar sentiments about body love and diversity.You can do and achieve anything you put your mind to. She wrote: “Such an honor to share the cover with @theashleygrama and @haileyclauson for @si_swimsuit’s issue celebrating women of all body types” also received attention for the fact that an ad in the issue for Swimsuits for All features 56-year-old model Nicola Griffin rocking the hell out of a bikini (a bikini-clad woman over 50 — another first!

Each cover star is featured alone on her own cover: UFC superstar (and former SELF cover star) Ronda Rousey; model Ashley Graham; and model Hailey Clauson (pictured above from left to right).

In another major first for the franchise, Ashley Graham is the first size-16 model to ever appear on the cover.

In fact, she was one of the first curvy or plus-size models to appear in the issue itself, first in an advertisement last year, and then within the editorial pages for this year’s issue.

Graham often uses her platform to speak out in advocacy for greater acceptance of body diversity.

Graham became the first, size-16 model to land the cover isn’t in line with Ashley’s own statements regarding representation and body positivity. It’s like, don’t do that, because the customer realizes and the girl who follows me realizes it’s just overdone,” Ashley told “I’m beyond proud to be the first curvy woman on the cover of Maxim.

“I believe in a little bit [of Photoshop], but when you’re reconstructing my body, when you’re reshaping my hips and my thighs and you’re taking certain cellulite away — Hello! I was not slimmed down on the cover, and Gilles Bensimon did an amazing job capturing my true figure in all of the photos.

This is another major advancement for curvy women, especially those who work in the fashion industry who are working hard to get the recognition they deserve.

In reference to her : “Girls who are insecure about their bodies, girls who feel fat, girls who have cellulite, girls who have stretch marks on their body — those are all the things that I had as a kid and I never had a woman like me growing up to look at.

I had my mother and that’s one thing, but to have somebody who has cellulite, who has things that jiggle, who has back fat and talk about how you can be an overcomer and not let society take you down for all of that.

That’s real.” In a big social media reveal, all three cover models shared their respective covers on their Instagram pages.

Graham shared her own cover with an enthusiastic and heartfelt caption: “Truly speechless!!! #siswim #beautybeyondsize” UFC dynamo Ronda Rousey also landed a cover, as mentioned above.