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For those of you who are wondering, no pastor can speak for God with respect to someone else’s timing or method of selecting the mate God has chosen for them.

Over the past decade, or so, It’s become popular in modern churches to use the concept of courtship for young Christians to select a spouse.

Many have touted this as the true Biblical ideal for young men and women.

The idea of dating multiple people until you find the one you want to marry is often considered sinful or, at least, undesirable.

Needless to say, I’ve only heard parents talking like this, while their teenage children are happily playing the field.

Under the courtship concept, no one “dates” anyone without the agreed-upon intent of marriage.

This custom has worked fairly well in underdeveloped countries where education is limited and culture, religion and ethnicity aren’t mixed.Still, the idea that courtship is the Biblical ideal is a bit of a stretch.This article compares courtship and dating with the Biblical traditions so we can get a grasp on what we’re asking our children to do and what God is asking of us.The Ideal Of Courtship: Recently, someone told me her pastor had said she was ready to begin courting and that she should pray for God to reveal to her who she was to marry.She was very excited that he (the pastor) had finally given his permission.She then explained that they did not date, but preferred the Biblical ideal of courtship.