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Here are a few of our favorites: Like all good open source software, Chrome comes with a long list of "startup switches"—that is, parameters you can use when you launch the program to customize its behavior.

For example, you can set up a "work Chrome" and a "play Chrome" user profile (like you can with Firefox's user profiles).While Chrome doesn't offer a handy utility to create new profiles like Firefox does, all it takes is creating a new user directory, and then using Chrome's Speed up browsing by disabling functionality.When you want to surf Flash-free, Java-free, or even Javascript-free (even though that's not really the point of Chrome, but whatever), there's a list of -disable-dev-tools -disable-hang-monitor -disable-images -disable-java -disable-javascript -disable-logging -disable-metrics -disable-metrics-reporting -disable-plugins -disable-popup-blocking -disable-prompt-on-repost Do you want Google Chrome without Google's branding and with an open source license (BSD license)?Click to view Now that you've been enjoying Google Chrome's headliner features and speed for almost a week now, it's time to dig into the less obvious functionality and options you don't already know about.Become a keyboard shortcut master, take a peek under the hood, and customize its behavior and skin with some of the best shortcuts, bookmarklets, themes, add-ons, and subtle functionality in Google Chrome.

Despite its marketing as a minimalistic browser that forgoes all the extras, Chrome's interface actually sports quite a few useful features.

Here are a few that will speed up your browsing with the mouse even more: If you're not much for the mouse, you're in luck: Google Chrome has lots of built-in keyboard shortcuts, many of which mirror Firefox's—so you don't have to retrain your fingers.

Tweak the number of suggestions the address bar offers.

Increase or reduce the number of suggestions in the address bar drop-down using the .

[via The How-To Geek]Create and maintain multiple user profiles.

Since Chrome learns so much from your usage patterns, you might want to create more than one user personality based on the task at hand.