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cobbler - a provisioning and update server cobbler is a provisioning (installation) and update server.

It supports deployments via PXE (network booting), virtualization (Xen, QEMU/KVM, or VMware), and re-installs of existing Linux systems.

The latter two features are enabled by usage of 'koan' on the remote system.

Systems associate a , and other networking details with a profile and optionally customize the metadata further. Using cobbler to mirror repositories is an optional feature, though provisioning and package management share a lot in common.

Images are a catch-all concept for things that do not play nicely in the "distribution" category.

Most users will not need these records initially and these are described later in the document.

The main advantage of cobbler is that it glues together many disjoint technologies and concepts and abstracts the user from the need to understand them.

Cobbler has a command line interface, Web UI, and extensive Python and XMLRPC APIs for integration with external scripts and applications.

cobbler command [subcommand] [--arg1=value1] [--arg2=value2] Cobbler manages provisioning using a tiered concept of Distributions, Profiles, Systems, and (optionally) Images and Repositories.Distributions contain information about what kernel and initrd are used, plus metadata (required kernel parameters, etc).Profiles associate a Distribution with a kickstart file and optionally customize the metadata further.It allows the systems administrator to concentrate on what he needs to do, and not how it is done.This manpage will focus on the cobbler command line tool for use in configuring cobbler.There is also mention of the Cobbler Web UI which is usable for day-to-day operation of Cobbler once installed/configured.