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Infrastructure and resource: Formation of project infrastructure is planned within the program “Business Road Map - 2020”. Sales Markets: Karaganda region New Jobs Created: more than 100.

Requirements to Investors: availability of funds required for project implementation. 1V Kosmonavtov str., city of Karaganda, RK; tel.: 8 (7212) 403148; [email protected]: Mr.

Bazarbay Kanayevich Nurabayev, Chairman, Committee of Geology and Subsoil Use, Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr.

Shagurashid Kaliyevich Mamalinov, Deputy Akim, Karaganda region Moderator - Ms.

Advanced steam technology (sometimes known as Modern Steam) reflects an approach to the technical development of the steam engine intended for a wider variety of applications than has recently been the case.

Particular attention has been given to endemic problems that led to the demise of steam power in small- to medium-scale commercial applications: excessive pollution, maintenance costs, labour-intensive operation, low power/weight ratio, and low overall thermal efficiency; where steam power has generally now been superseded by the internal combustion engine or by electrical power drawn from an electrical grid.

It is the leading region of our country by its scientific, economicand cultural potential integrating the north and the south, the west and the east.

Sound investment policy of the last decades has become an impulse for launching of the most challenging and ambitious innovation projects successfully operating within the territory of the region and special economic zone.

The region rapidly augments its potential through efficient involvement into development of representatives of big, medium and small business, government and foreign companies. box 8, Central Post Office, Karaganda, 100000, Ro K, Northern Industrial, Oktyabrsky district, Zone, Karaganda, 100020 Tel./Fax: 8 (7212) 53-82-68 E-mail: [email protected] and Resources: availability of complete infrastructure and human resources.

Project benefits: · Increase volume of poultry meat production from 8,000 tonnes to 28,000 tonnes per year; · Provide the market with stable, safe, and honest goods; · Create new jobs. Requirements to investors: Availability of funds required for project implementation. Sales Markets: sales markets in Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan. Requirements to Investors: financial responsibility. Contact Information: Coal Trade Company LLP; Site 8, Block 102, North Industrial Park, Karaganda, RK; tel./fax: 8 (721) 2912770; [email protected] and Resources: documents for the 19 ha land plot in the vicinity of Panel Center are being compiled.

IV International Investment Forum «Karaganda Invest 2016» is a modern platform for efficient dialogue between business and the government created for discussion of future investment and innovative perspective of our country, and a presentation of scale projects of Karaganda region.

It is the centralized platform for search and receipt of investment, innovationstechnologiesy, and experience sharing.

This territory combines together efforts of big, medium and small business on the way of socio-economic acceleration development of Kazakhstan.

Today, Karaganda region is powerful industrial center of Kazakhstan abounding in minerals and raw materials.