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She’s only 19 and she’s got a boyfriend.” Get to know more about Rmarni by clicking here.This is just an amazing experience and I don't care what people think because no one knows anything.

She probably made sure her teenage sister didn’t forget about her life back in the U. Considering all the fun she seems to be having with Floyd, we can’t blame her if her old life happens to slip her mind.

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Do you think Raemarni and Floyd are just friends, Hollywood Lifers?

Floyd Mayweather, 39, has an undefeated boxing record, a pet tiger, more cars than a man could want –and, possibly, a new girlfriend?

Floyd’s been having a blast with Raemarni Ball, a 19-year old from England. Her Instagram is full of shots of her posing next to Money, smiling and cozying up against the undefeated boxing legend.

Does that mean Pretty Boy Floyd is dating a girl who’s too young to drink in the U. They even took a hot Miami vacation together, with the British teenager (who is also an amateur singer) laughing it up on one of Florida’s prettiest beaches. What could have drawn Floyd, who is 20 years older than Rmarni, to this British girl?

Probably because she’s also a baller just like him!

Despite all the shots of these two together, Raemarni reportedly has a boyfriend back home!

Rmarni’s bae, Andre Brown, 19, isn’t jealous that his girl is spending so much time with Floyd in another country, according to While it looks like Floyd and Rmarni are more than “just friends,” her mother says it’s cool that this teenager is hanging out with a man twice her age.

“I have spoken to her since she landed,” Mandy Ball, 50, told, “and she says she is having a whale of a time.

She’s fine.” When asked if Rmarni and Floyd were dating, her mom laughed and said, “Don’t be daft.