country couples dating Dating coral rouge caresse

I absolutely love this one because of it’s ease of use.

I can wear it with my Pyjama and it would still look nice.

However like the other shades, Dating Coral is also not too hydrating.

It keeps lips moisturised but would not contribute in healing, in fact it would highlight the dry patches if any.

So exfoliation is a must on dry lips days if you want your lips to look nice.

A color coded face on top and botton definitely helps when I have three of them lying in my drawer.

The caps fits snugly making is easy to travel with.

The shade Dating Coral is a beautiful peachy coral.

It goes really really well on my wheatish skin tone and would look perfect on most Indian skin-tones except for girls with a deeper skin tone.

Finally the last piece of Rouge Caresse Lipstick from L’Oreal Paris I have and this one unlike the brown (Irresistible Expresso) and the pink (Rose Mademoiselle) has no strings attached to it.

You can wear it to any where, any time with anything you have in your wardrobe.

😉 Presenting you the star of the range (at least for me ) L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick Dating Coral.

^_^ The packaging of L’Oreal rouge caresse lipstick Dating Coral is the same that I have already written about.