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I was depressed for months and soon realized that I can’t let HIV beat me and that I had to beat HIV.

I moved on with my life and was married two years later to a man who was negative.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is now 13 years old and was born negative due to the ARV’s I was taking.

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I was in a 10 year relationship that ended when I was 27 years old.Three months after the break up I found out that I had contracted HIV.I didn’t understand how I could have contracted the virus since I was in a long term relationship.I was devastated, scared and thought I was going to leave my 6 year old daughter sooner than I expected.I have never been ashamed of the woman I am, but I lived a pretty normal life living with HIV.

My daughter who was 6 years old when i was diagnosed is now 23 and she has known that her mother has had HIV since she was 8 years old.I just recently disclosed my status to my 13 year old daughter five months ago and that’s when I decided to let the world know that HIV still exists.I started forming a nonprofit organization over a year ago called Poz Haven Foundation to help women and children in Nigeria who have contracted HIV/AIDS I want to give love, hope and care to them, who would otherwise be stigmatized and pushed to the side because of their status.Poz Haven Foundation is a work in progress, but I’m almost there.My love and my heart is very open to anyone who needs me.I have recently posted two videos on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Google, and twitter letting the world know that I am HIV positive.