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The only known typical Early Middle ages site of a fortified settlement existence in the Český Krumlov region was proved by archaeologists.

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We can assume that the almost depopulated borderline region of the new colonising territory was settled by the Slavs a little later.The settlement density and character of the Český Krumlov region in the Middle Ages period was very similar to the settlement density and character of the previous period - the Primeval Times (The Primeval Times settlement in the Český Krumlov region).The archaeological objects - movable and immovable assets were not different from the primeval ones.Grave-mounds seem to be very typical Early Middle Ages monuments in South Bohemia.Archaeologists researched several grave-mounds in the Český Krumlov region in 1920´s. Some findings (small pieces of coal and burnt bones) are displayed in the Prague National Museum.

In 1926 altogether four grave-mounds were excavated by A. The pottery vessel excavated from grave-mounds searched by K. Frany a bit later in Mravenečník near Boletic can be seen in the Český Krumlov District National History and Geography Museum.Other grave-mounds dating from the Early Middle Ages period were searched in Kraví hora.We have discovered a site of a fortified settlement, some grave- mounds and rare country settlement remains so far. There is the first written evidence of the Český Krumlov region and its history.Roman churches built from stones and mortar dating from the end of the 12th century were preserved in the most southern part of Bohemia.The territory of the town of Český Krumlov is the oldest known primeval location in the Český Krumlov region. The local settlements rank among the oldest discevered settlements in South Bohemia.The half-ground cottage remains were searched by the archaeologist P. Several pottery fragments dating from the 8th -12th century come from a few other localities of the town of Český Krumlov region (The Primeval Times and the Early Middle Ages settlement in the area of the town of Český Krumlov).