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When it comes to young men and older women, though, relationships are less common for many reasons.

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By Danchai Mekadenaumporn Features Columnist So you want to sleep with Mrs. As enticing as that sounds, it may end up being trickier than you would’ve thought.

Traditionally, younger women seek out older men because of things that usually come with age: intelligence, financial stability, and maturity.

These relationships are also less taboo because younger women date older men all the time.

I remember someone telling me once that it was okay as long as she was half your age plus seven.

I’ve probably scared off most of you by now, but the brave few who remain can benefit from the rest of the column.

The pros of dating an older woman can be worth the trouble.Those that have recently been divorced may be looking to have some fun with no strings attached.Not to mention credit card debt, failed relationships, and a propensity to hate men.Many college men are not equipped to be that kind of baggage-handler.Many people also believe that it’s easier for an older woman to manipulate a younger man in a relationship.If you’re used to being in power, maybe this isn’t the right thing for you.