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Senior sociology major Georgina Guerrero can’t help but fret over one of her favorite beauty products.As it turns out the price of beauty could also cost her some embarrassment later on.

’” As journalism senior Kelli Fuqua looks back at the beginnings of her relationship, she can’t help but shake her head at some of the secret single behaviors that she used to avoid at all costs.

“I am a nighttime mouth breather, drooler and sleep talker.

It’s not pretty, so at the beginning I made a conscious effort to keep myself awake longer so he didn’t have to witness ‘Sleeping Beastly,’” Fuqua said.

“But now, I pass out anywhere and everywhere, slobber be damned.” Whether it’s the beauty faux pas of wearing your makeup to bed instead of slipping into the sheets makeup-free or forgoing numerous rounds of nightly FIFA on your Xbox, you micro-manage each behavior by judging the risk of appearing unattractive to the person you’re attracted to.

While staying the night should be an exciting step in a relationship, the mixture of nerves and hormones places an undeniable pressure to be in “date mode” throughout the night even while you sleep.

As fairly young daters, we often forget that people can still be attracted to us despite our relatively embarrassing antics.Some habits are so gross­ (like a penchant for blackhead popping), they are better to not discuss; however, most other habits like polar bear pajamas and eating in the shower should simply be laughed off.For many students, living situations in college offer a respite from living under the reins of parental supervision and are a better place for alone time with your boyfriend or girlfriend than the backseat of your ’97 Honda Civic that’s parked in the park past city curfew.Despite living in a space you can finally call your own, there are parts of you that magically disappear when your partner stays the night.From nightly acne spot treatment application to a morning alarm that sounds off Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk,” there are some single-life rituals that should remain secret.“Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw described these often embarrassing and shameful habits best as our “secret single behaviors.” When it comes to staying the night at our partner’s place for the first time, there are parts of us that we prefer to leave behind.