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We're all complicated individuals with tons of nuances, imperfections and desires. Check out our 23 Hilarious Signs You're a True Gamer.

Dating can be tough, people, there's no denying it. If you yourself grapple with a controller, mouse or mind-boggling VR headset then you're already well aware of the tons of benefits. Your significant other can master an N64 controller, Xbox 360 controller and all the madness of PC gaming all in the same day?!

Those are the kind of hands you want around for...things!

Need someone to help you in the inevitable zombie apocalypse?

Make sure your gamer friend is around, they'll literally know every item you'll need for survival.

They can also carry up to ten weapons in their backpack. We may age, we may wrinkle and we may eventually lose all control over the functionality of our knees, but we will always be kids at heart.Many gamers firmly plan to continue playing Crash Bandicoot well into their 80s.Even if it's only limited to working any kind of TV or monitor on the planet, gamers have come across many cables, connection ports, controllers and consoles or PC deaths that would boggle the mind of the average joe. All-nighters are not only common as game-lovers, they're necessary.How else can they come to grips with a game that launched at midnight?!With these people by your side, staying up until the sunrise is guaranteed fun.Gamers have a tendency to explore every solitary inch of an area, regardless how enormous the game may be. Seriously, if they come across a real-life cave or some darkened wood, the sense of adventure just takes over!