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But like most things in the strength and conditioning world, the message and benefits got lost along the way.Hopefully, this article will keep the strength world on the right path.Proper strength training will shift the force velocity curve up and to the right.

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Chains—they're used to tow boats, lift steel beams, and pull trailers. In the world of strength and conditioning, chains have a totally different function.

Instead of doing the lifting and handling of the load, they are the things being lifted and they actually become the load.

Chains have made their transition from powerlifting gyms to sports performance facilities throughout the nation. Strength coaches have been training with chains for a minimum of ten years.

It’s fair to say that Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell really brought training with chains to the forefront of the strength world.

Over the past ten years, a style of resistance has been developed that simultaneously improves both aspects of training.

This is known as accommodating resistance and it's typically done by using bands and chains.

To truly understand the benefits of training with chains, it’s important to understand strength curves and what exercises fit into each category.

A strength curve is a mathematical model that represents how much force can be produced at specific joint angles.

In other words, it's the amount of force produced over a range of motion.

Strength curves are further broken down into ascending strength curves and descending strength curves.

Every exercise fits into the ascending or descending category.