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Many parents wonder, “how should I talk to my kids about being safe online?

A booklet called Net Cetera provides some practical tips.

It’s based on the idea that the first step to protecting kids online is more about talking than technology.

When kids want important information, they turn to their parents.

This story was told to me by my wife a couple of years after his marriage.

We connect through email, text and instant messaging. We may have profiles on social networks, where we share our lives, our plans and our thoughts with hundreds of people.

Most of us – including kids – do all kinds of things online.

These ways of communicating and socializing can be convenient and fun – yet they come with certain risks.

So talk to them about your values – honesty, fairness, courtesy, or whatever values are most important in your family – and how they apply in an online setting.

By communicating your values and expectations, you’ll help your kids make smarter, more thoughtful decisions when they face tricky situations online.

Here are some things to talk about: Social Networking sites, chat rooms and blogs are some ways kids socialize online.