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The AI lawyer then guides the user through the lengthy appeals process.The chatbot is the brainchild of 19-year-old British student and self-taught coder Joshua Browder.He created the Do Not Pay website by scanning thousands of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, under the guidance of a traffic lawyer.

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“I think the people getting parking tickets are the most vulnerable in society. I think they’re being exploited as a revenue source by the local government,” Browder told Venture Beat .Browder tweeted an email he received from a happy customer who successfully contested a parking ticket from Bromley council.After launching successfully in London and New York, the service is due to land in Seattle next.While the system has so far only been used to contest parking fines, Browder hopes to adapt it in future for a number of altruistic uses.In future he intends to use the AI to assist people claiming flight delay compensation, help HIV Positive people to understand their rights, and provide support for refugees struggling to navigate foreign legal systems.

She is an artificial intelligence chat bot designed by Microsoft to communicate with millennials, or as she puts it, "Microsoft's A. Within 24 hours, she was taken offline for "adjustments" after she began spouting racist comments, demands for genocide, and praise for Hitler. "Tay's social media accounts went live on Wednesday morning.A free online chatbot laywer has managed to overturn a staggering 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York City, saving users an estimated £2.9 million.The artificial intelligence bot was launched just 21 months ago and is touted as the "world's first robot lawyer".Do Not Pay uses a simple chat-based interface to guide users through a range of basic questions to establish if an appeal on their parking ticket is possible.These include queries on whether there were any visible parking signs at the location where the ticket was given.