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Such is the case with the famous "misery index."It seems like we largely take it for granted these days, but the fact that we have humans living in space is the realization of a scientific dream a century old.Visit the space stations orbiting Earth past, present and future in this episode.There have been many inventions that have advanced filmmaking, but maybe none as important as the steadicam.

Luckily, they got better at it, and now modern mining is a mind-boggling process for efficiently removing stuff we want from inside the planet.

Economists love their data because somewhere in the numbers lies the answer to the ills of the country.

They also love to frame data in a way people can relate to.

Triage is a system that provides immediate attention and categorization for medical emergencies that hopefully will never be a big part of your life. Learn all about the interesting history and current methods for this life savin When Michael Jackson debuted the moonwalk in 1983 the world was enrapt. You may have heard about the Internet of Things and not known what the term meant.

The dance goes back farther, to the 1930s, and pops up again in the 50s, before reappearing via mimes and West Coast poppers in the 70s. Since the age of Descartes, science has put all of its eggs in the basket of determinism, the idea that with accurate enough measurements any aspect of the universe could be predicted. The Gettysburg Address is one of the most famous speeches in political history, despite only being a few hundred words long. It's basically a collection of object connected to your life and the internet.

We're talking everything from your smart phone to your fitness tracker.

Cool stuff, but fraug People have been burning fires on cliffs as long as other people have used boats, but after the Age of Exploration, lighthouses took their unmistakable form and the great stories of the people who kept the lights around the world began.

Evel Knievel was perhaps the world's most legendary daredevil. Learn all about this icon in this special two part episod Mermaids aren't real. But the history and lore of these magical and sometimes menacing creatures of the sea is pretty interesting stuff. Night terrors, an uncommon sleep disorder, happen when the brain doesn’t transition correctly to deep sleep.

He came along at a time when the world ate up this kind of entertainment, partially in hopes that he crashed. The result is terrifying, with the sufferer genuinely terrified, swatting at invisible attackers, and screaming for help – all while sound asl Exploding head syndrome isn't nearly as weird as it sounds, and there are no brain parts being damaged.

But if you suffer from it, you will definitely be freaked out.

The good news is, despite its name, it's not dangerous at all.