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Long story short I striped to my underwear and laid down on my back on the bench.

What I'd really like to do is to go in, whip it out and get myself off while watching whatever porn they have on (and, more likely, some of the other cocks around me). We have a local store that's reknowned as a place for guys jacking off in the booths for each other.

I don't want any physical contact with anyone else at this point, so I'm hopeful that the other guys would be respectful of that and keep to themselves, but obviously you can't say that for sure until you go. In your experience(s), are the other guys there respectful of boundaries? As a musician in clubs for decades I have to say I like nothing better than a seedy dirty atmosphere but I have a few worries- one, keeping a membership card around and keeping it safe, two, coming home smelling like cum, smoke (although I guess everywhere is smoke free these days) and god-knows-what else and 3, just finding the time to go and be able to take the time to do it properly.

Anyway would really be into hearing about guys', especially married guys' adult bookstore experiences, especially as they relate to someone without experience. I had to know what it was like inside, plus thinking about it made me horny.

I went in and there was a small theater in the rear, and rooms with bench seats. I watched the monitor that was in there for a few minutes while playing with myself when some older gentlemen came to the door opening.

Have any of you guys ever jerked it in an adult theater with other guys?

I recently drove by an "adult store" that looked like the kind of place that would have something like that, so I googled it when I got home and sure enough, they do.I've never had any experience with men in the real world and I feel like that could be an interesting place to start.Reviews say there is usually a good amount of guys in there so I think that could be a good place to explore my bi tendencies a bit, but I have some reservations.The sheer curiosity plus the thought of potentially being touched by other horny guys is what made me finally go into the theater part of the place.Not exactly on- topic but I went to one xxx movie theater in my life back around '73 when I was 18.It wasn't a bookstore but an actual theater in San Francisco.