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In fact, a finding that such a statement is defamatory requires this Court to legitimize the prejudice and bigotry that for too long have plagued the homosexual community. This involves two types of statements: In the first category are statements that are defamatory on their face, known as defamatory per se, and as to which the plaintiff need not prove damages; second category are statements allegedly capable of communicating a defamatory idea when certain extrinsic facts are known or when the words are given meaning not ordinarily attributed to them.

Defendants Andrew Morton ("Morton"), MOM, and Michael O'Mara ("O'Mara") have moved this Court to dismiss all claims against them [docket # 10].

For the reasons stated below, defendants' motion to dismiss is .

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James ALBRIGHT and Amrak Productions, Inc., Plaintiffs, v. The book allegedly portrayed plaintiff James Albright ("Albright") as a homosexual by mis-captioning a photograph of a gay individual with Albright's name. The test is whether, in the circumstances, the writing discredits the plaintiff in the minds of any considerable and respectable class of the community.

Andrew MORTON, Michael O' Mara, Michael O' Mara Books Limited, St. To find that the photograph makes any kind of statement regarding Albright's sexuality requires the Court to pile inference upon innuendo, innuendo upon stereotype.

This is a diversity action for defamation arising out of the publication of a book by defendants. Words may be libelous unless they cannot reasonably be understood in a defamatory sense, or, to express in another way, unless they are incapable of a defamatory meaning.

And even if the Court were to do so, plaintiffs' argument would still fail. Martin's"), and Newsgroup Newspapers, Ltd ("News Group") (Count XI). While their papers are not always clear, plaintiffs seem to be alleging both sorts of defamation. The threshold question — whether the statement is susceptible to a defamatory meaning in either case — is a question of law for the Court.

In 2004, a statement implying that an individual is a homosexual is hardly capable of a defamatory meaning. 214 § 3A (Count VII), invasion of privacy (Count VIII), negligence (Count IX), negligent infliction of emotional distress (Count XII), and intentional infliction of emotional distress (Count XIII). 93A against Michael O'Mara Books Limited ("MOM"), St. This Court may well be the first to have the opportunity to assess plaintiffs' claims in the light of recent decisions giving legal force to homosexuals' ongoing quest for equal rights. Plaintiffs are James Albright, who served as Madonna's bodyguard and also had a personal relationship with the singer, and Amrak Productions, Inc. Plaintiffs assert claims against all defendants for defamation (Counts I-VI), violations of Mass. Plaintiffs also assert claims for violation of Mass. In this day and age, recent rulings by the Supreme Court and the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, undermine any suggestion that a statement implying that an individual is a homosexual is defamatory. The parties have focused on the second factor — whether the statement could damage Albright's reputation in the community. According to the 2015 Age: 56 years old Sun Sign: Leo Brief Life (Biography) As the most successful female music artists of all time took place in the Guinness Book of Records Madonna.Life in recent years was the subject of lectures by some universities.It is said to have an IQ of 140 of the world-famous singer lost his mother in 1963.In childhood he was interested in ballet as amateurs and fans of Damien Zikakis in these years.