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If you have come to a point in your life where you know that what you truly want is a rich man, then by all means, do it!There is nothing wrong with wanting a man who is well stocked with resources instead of a man who struggles to pay his rent, just be sure to think things out and make moves that count towards your goal just as you would take classes that count towards your degree.

Women are naturally impressed with men such as Mitt Romney, who have mastered the art of making their money grow, because it is a strongly masculine trait that only the top dogs ever master, and a goal that women seldom achieve on their own.So, don't blame yourself for being a nasty "gold digger", instead, embrace who you are and treat your quest to marry a millionaire like your part time job until you achieve your ultimate goal.Think of yourself as one of the Famous Gabor Sisters on a quest to marry a real prince charming. Just as powerful men pursue business ventures, you should master the art of conquering rich men. Just look at the scores of women from Russia or China who marry wealthy American men. Do you think that Chinese and Russian woman are all perfect 10s?The obvious answer is no, but these women do study men and learn what attracts them verses what makes them run the other way while American women walk into relationships just being themselves, laying their cards on the table and expecting to win something.The only way this none tactical tactic ever results in a man falling head over heels for you is when you are a perfect 10.

Maybe even an 11, and with money of her own, no children and a calm personality. It probably won't just happen for the average woman.Studying your prey and cleverly working your game is what will bring any man you want to his knees.You would need a whole lot of everything to win a rich man or even a poor one, without a good game plan.Most women need to prove that they are worth the effort of matrimony by making the wealthy man she has her heart set on feel at ease and earn his trust through demonstrating her ultra feminine traits over a period of months or, in most situations, years.In short, your "job" of winning a rich man's heart is truly a full time one, because you have to be on your toes at all times and never become just another common girl in his eyes.There are sites that set women up with rich men, but these sites are NOT the best way to become aquainted with rich men.