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She also instructed him to fill my mouth and throat with his hot semen, so that he could last longer when it came “time”.

“Time”, time for what, I wondered, unable to speak with his fat cock in my throat.

I knew it would not be long before I tasted his froth, he was thickening by the moment.

I felt a soft hand on my face and realized “she” was folding his balls, while I sucked his cock.

I’ll pick you up at seven.” “How come you’re the one picking me up? I live in Simmons Hall.” “I’ll be there.” “I can’t wait.” That night, I put two blankets in a bag.

We’d be on the grass watching the movie, so I figured the blankets would come in handy.

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She become silent, Princess Junk move his hips, moaning.

Her juices mixed with my saliva, sheet under it already wet.

I go down below, start gently lick her pussy flaps, penetrating tongue inside as deep as I can, I start to caress the wall.