Otaku online dating

Otaku, a uniquely Japanese breed of geek, are famed for being unlucky in love.

Even the popular film “Densha Otoko” couldn’t give the impression that “otakus make good boyfriends”.■ 1.He’ll call you “my bride”: “We netizens, we call our girlfriends our “brides”.So, if you go out with one of us, you’ll get called a “bride” in no time!” (24 year old freeta) Now, there are some doubts as to whether this would be a benefit or not, and there would definitely be potential for strange misunderstandings……I guess you’d end up being referred to on Twitter like “My bride was ~~”.■ 2.They have hi-tech homes: “Their houses are amazing.

They have home theatres, and you can enjoy a super high quality sound from their TVs.They’re full of devices you’ll have never seen before — it’s just like being in an electronics store.Your computer would get fixed for free: “This isn’t true of every single otaku out there, but if they like computers or devices, then they’d definitely get good at fixing them.So rather than the costly long process of getting them fixed at an electronics store, your otaku boyfriend will fix them for you — super fast and for free! They won’t cheat on you in the real world: “Guys like that basically don’t have much interest in real human relationships, so they definitely won’t cheat on you! Well, that’s the reason that prior to the cheating they found it difficult to find a girlfriend in the first place”.(23 years old, mobile phone shop)With the spread of SNS, it’s now much easier to cheat than it was before, plus it’s started to become the norm.So I think that a guy who doesn’t look like he’ll cheat on you has value just for that reason.■ 4.