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One of the basic benefits that are included with many types of work is paid leave. Luckily, I didn't get drawn in enough to send money, but he has photos of me and my family. I contacted the 'company,' and of course, there was no such person. I told him he needs to find someone he knows to pay and if he is as honest as he said, then he wouldn't consider my request unreasonable, and if I didn't hear from him again then my caution was the best course of action.

Essentially, leave with pay is a situation in which the employee is away from the workplace with permission of the employer, but continues to receive salary or wages during that period of time. Here are some examples of paid leave, and how they normally are calculated. He will send you lovely pics of a nice looking man. I don't expect to hear from him again - my only concern I have is that I e-mailed photos including a couple with my teenage lads.

Perhaps the most common form of paid leave is related to the observance of holidays. I suspect they may use photos gained this way to use with other dating sites? All he has to do is show his ID to the base guards. If you don't know the difference, it sounds perfectly reasonable. Don't send this thief anything but a "goodbye," no matter what he tells you.

For example, some companies grant a day of sick leave for a specified number of days worked. Any thoughts on whether this seems to be the real thing or just a scam?? This same man is also saying his Commander's name is: (David Rodriguez- Cmsgt). I found this from scams and asked if he was part of this and he told me that I had nothing to do with it, that he is honest, but then I said to check.

Over time, this allows the employee to build up a bank of sick days that can be called upon in the case of a severe illness, such as an operation. My question is also, if you contacted the military base, would the M. He said the truth was he had to arrange a vocational leave, to come to see me, but they would have to pay 0.

With this type of leave, the employee usually applies in advance, if he or she is about to undergo a pre-planned surgical procedure, or makes the application on the back end in the case of an unanticipated health problem. B be able to check to see if the soldier is genuine, and can they give you these answers? I asked him to send a recent photo and military ID and he tells me he can't.

Vacation time is also a form of paid leave that is earned based on the amount of time the employee has been with the company. He was very kind and sent me so many wonderful emails. I have asked him to stop writing to me but he said he's never going to stop sending me emails, because this is love.

The exact amount is based on the usual number of hours worked and the rate of pay that is attached to the position. He would leave in a convoy, because he would be a sitting duck if he were alone. military base can access their money, just as they can on a UK base. He tells me his "tour" has been extended, but he is able to apply for leave to return home, but he can't access his funds while working away from home. I am wondering, if you ask someone who says they are a deployed military soldier in Afghanistan in combat zone or war region- to take a picture of themselves immediately upon request, something funny, like their finger in their ear or whatever..they do, does this mean they are for real?

This type of leave does not require the employee to apply for the time off; instead, it is simply granted by the employer. On the uniform, in the photo, the surname was Gutierrez. He said that Frank Dickson is the name on his American passport and Frank Omar Gutierrez was the full registration name in the Army. The part about him not being able to access his funds is crap. Believe it or not, they have access to ATMs and can also cash checks with the paymaster. He will give you some third party address where you can wire the money, he will pick it up and you'll either never hear from him again, or he'll have a crapload of excuses why he can't come to see you. He is asking if I can pay for the pass card which allows him to leave the base and he will reimburse me when he gets back. One "sergeant" I have talked to did this when I asked.

Sick leave is another form of paid leave that is often extended to employees. That was the first meeting I had on the internet and I can say it will be the last one. Besides which, private contractors don't get "leave," anyway. The way these characters get away with this, is their stories *sound* plausible. The money , apparently will go to a diplomat in the UK. Mine did not ask for money, but just a lot of bull crap and playing with your emotions. He had on a uniform, was supposed to be a marine, had his same last name on the right front pocket.

Generally, there is a formula in place that allows employees to earn sick time. They are on a base or wherever for a set amount of time, and they stay the time out, and then come home. I have asked questions like why can't his company or the UN arrange/pay for the pass card, but he says it doesn't work that way and his company have their terms and policies. I haven't asked too many questions but maybe I ought to. This same man has also sent me other pictures of himself and buddies, always same last name on his uniform.

In some cases, vacation time is granted as a block on an annual basis. He supposedly is Sergeant Bobby Andy Harris, born in Texas. I met a US army "serviceman" in Kabul, Kevin Helman, widowed, with a 14-year old son.

In other cases, employees accrue vacation days as they work through the year, building up a bank of days that can be used at some point. He seemed to be very nice and wrote to me every day and we chatted online for about one month.

With vacation days, the employee applies for permission to take the days, and the action is subject to the approval of the employer. He told me he was given a very valuable gift from the king of Kabul and he wanted to send the gift parcel to me to show his undying love because he wanted to marry me. I'm currently talking to a Peter Gray of US Army who says he is from Ohio, but is currently in Australia, and is putting on a very good show of saying he loves, etc.