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In my humble opinion, male scholars, no matter how much they research about this subject, cannot fully comprehend the complexity of the situation since they don't experience it themselves. First of all, let it be known that all women have vaginal discharge throughout the day.Some have more, some have less; some women always have white discharge and some have yellowish, and some may even have brownish.Additionally, this also varies based on many factors, like age, hormonal changes, marital status, birth control, pregnancy, stress, psychological tension, physical fatigue, ovulation etc.

Not only it is a hardship upon women while they are staying inside their homes, but more so if they have to leave the house for shopping or traveling, etc.At times, it is difficult to find a spot to pray; now she must go around looking for a bathroom to renew her , the hardship would be increased even more.How many times a day is it expected of Muslim females to change their undergarments?This information has been verified by different gynecologists, one of them being Dr.Lalani who answered regarding vaginal discharge: “Regarding vaginal discharge, yes there is a physiologic or normal discharge that most women have.

It can vary from person to person in quantity and quality and vary depending on timing in the menstrual cycle (discharge is greatest at midcycle).” for each prayer is usually required when a person is going through some sort of “abnormality” in their physique.However, if a discharge is normal, then how can a female be burdened with renewing her (purity) most of the time.When I wrote my last piece on female wet dreams, I received many requests to add a portion on vaginal discharge as well.However, since vaginal discharge is a common quandary among Muslim women and a subject of controversy among the scholars, I wanted to write a separate entry on this.Regular vaginal discharge has left many sisters confused as to whether a) it is is what is considered a normal vaginal discharge, but, it is also assumed in some of the answers, that the vaginal discharge, other than sexual excitement, is only secreted on specific occasion like after urination or due to a disease.In another , I felt more bewildered than educated on this matter.