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I keep getting emails even though i've deselected to receive information from them!!!!!There is nowhere on the site to deactivate the account (I'm an IT techie, if I'm in it, i'd be able to find it) and they won't answer any of my emails!!!

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Then, browse 100s of greetings from other Red Hot callers live on the line. Send an anonymous message, or get adventurous and have a private conversation--or more!

We had someone copy our user name except for 1 letter.

And Red Hot Pie said that is the way it is, we can block them.

But they were complete opposite of what we looking for, and with the same profile name is a attempt to ruin anything we may be looking for.

When I complained they said my fee wss theirs and bad luck I agrred to their terms and conditions. Please ignore the payed wmployees writing the site are ive been a member for a few days, but have hesitated to sign up to a paid account as just have no faith in how genuine people are on there. and had a look around (it was restricted, but thats ok, i was sussing it out). Some still remain my best friends today, where one of them is now my housemate.

Oh and is it just a coincidence that the only good reviews on here the profiles of the people only wrote 1 review, but had the same profile pictures! Months later, i received a free 3 months full membership trial. I never bothered with profile searching and messaging. First, you record a personal greeting to describe yourself and what you're looking for.Emailed support and they said my email was not linked with my red hot pie account even though it required an email to pay basically I paid for nothing no one contact me, I strongly advise anyone to avoid red hot pie at all costs every other website regardless of its nature has access to the account with customer service help Many watchers violate privacy on this site, every normal text monitored, if one of this site premium members does not like you, for instance if you rather not hook up, then complain to staff friends, site access immediately lost after expensive subscription ... If you do decide to pay for a membership, you are actually signing up for a direct debit from your account. but its the 10% that are on there, are the ones you want to hang out with. Its time for me to settle down, and to do that, i must look elsewhere to find "love" If you feel that you been ripped orf, or not getting any in that site, then, its not RHP fault. The only real people are the ones in chat, and it's like listening to a broken record of 'woe is me' stories from disgusting people who can't seem to figure out why no one wants to root them.then I advise you to file for fraud at your credit card issuer. This is not obvious and something the ACCC is looking into. How many fake profiles are on RHP and how many 'real' profiles are owned and managed by RHP themselves? There are other 'intimate dating' sites in Australia that have better customer service and are more real (although I'm sure fake profiles exist on every site).I paid for one months membership without realising tjat buried in the fine print I was signing up for direct debit. a week later, i met my first redhotpie partner, and she was awesome. I hope the ACCC deals with them and deals with them harshly.Everything about this site is designed to get you into a direct debit contract. Ten years later, I have met so many wonderful people from that site.