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Rosemarie De Witt (born October 26, 1974) is an American actress.De Witt played Emily Lehman in the Fox television series Standoff, co-starring her now husband Ron Livingston, from 2006 through 2007, and currently plays Charmaine Craine on Showtime's acclaimed original series, United States of Tara.She also was the title character in 2008's Rachel Getting Married, garnering several awards and nominations for best supporting actress.

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There's Don Draper, who's dashing but unavailable. But it doesn't make sense for your personal life. EB: Ewan's incredibly warm and interested, and he loves chicks. RD: Well, they dress differently out there, to lure you in. She was a gorgeous girl, like Rita Hayworth, and she had a great career.

Then there's Jack in this movie, who's a little lost, but more open. RD: I watch a lot of women date unavailable men, and it doesn't make any sense. LS: I think when you're rebounding, it's always good to date an unavailable guy, because you don't want to get right back into a relationship. LS: That's what's always killed me, throughout my life. LS: With Humpday, I wanted to give a glimpse into the polyamorous, sex-positive subculture in the city. EB: You guys are still in the '60s out there; it's fantastic.

But otherwise, dating unavailable guys — EB: It's just useless. Whether they're nice or mean, they can get away with murder if they're funny. It's interesting though — I have a really good friend who lived in L.

Emily, you're married to one of TV's most famous "nice guys," John Krasinski of . EB: I'm just going to say that he's even better in real life. EB: John was that guy at school who, girls would write to him in the yearbook, "Thanks for being such a great friend, and a shoulder to cry on. LS: He's totally gorgeous, but it's in that boy-next-door way. A lot of the girls might flock over to Jon Hamm, but he wouldn't get the cool girls, the girls who have some self-respect who hang back.

We assume he's not that "nice" in real life, because nobody could be that "nice" in real life. You've always been there for me, like when I broke up with Derek." RD: The younger you are, the less you like nice guys. You go after guys who aren't as nice at the beginning.

EB: My mother always said, "I don't care what he does. Just make sure you marry a kind man." Between the three of you, you've worked with some very attractive actors, including Jon Hamm, Ewan Mc Gregor, and Tunde Adebimpe. Let's imagine a scenario where they're all single and out at a bar. RD: Tunde's so cool, but he's very unassuming. You've got to love that, when someone's inner lion comes out. For all of you, if you could do it again, what song would you make your husband sing you at your wedding? I remember having childhood crushes on all of them. I think I had a crush on my sister's girlfriend once, but nothing too serious. Here's the thing: he's the mild-mannered guy who's like a maniac on stage. In Rachel Getting Married, he a Neil Young song to you at the altar. And I remember just desperately wanting an older brother. LS: It's your sister's boyfriend you don't want to have a crush on. But for karaoke, I really love a bit of "Me & Bobby Mc Gee." If I'm at Sing Sing in the East Village, I'll do a bit of "Bobby Mc Gee." RD: How do you sound? I recently did a duet with Matt Damon on "Twist and Shout," and we got crushed. EB: I had a best friend when I was young, and she had five older brothers.