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Thats our best endorsement, as well as my greatest personal satisfaction, the fact that it pleases him. Last time we talked you where about to shoot The Mist and now its done and has had its premier. The result is the story I always saw in my head when reading the bookand Im very happy to say that Stephen King loves the movie. It was deeply satisfying to put this story Ive loved for so long on film.

They got a bleak, nasty movie that kicked them in the stomach and said some deeply negative things about humanity they werent prepared to hear.Thats not the sort of thing they expect from just a horror movie, so it pisses them off.Thats okay, youre allowed to hate my movie as much as youre allowed to love it.It was a blast, tremendously fun in that regard, and a great learning experience. A lot of people love it and have blessed us with lavish praiseone critic said its the best movie of the year and one of the best horror movies ever.Mostly Im very happy that we accomplished what we set out to do, which was to make a movie on a low budget and a very tight schedulefor the record, it was 17 million dollars and a 37 day shoot. I dont know if thats truetime is the only real judge of these thingsbut I appreciate the opinion.

Thats not much money these days when major studios are regularly making genre films in the 100 to 200 million dollar budget range. The people who have embraced the movie love it for the raw quality, the intensity, and the uncompromising ending.

Our goal was to make an ambitious movie with limited resources, very much in the spirit of the grainy low-budget genre films I grew up watching and loving. In fact I think its the best adaptation of a King story to date. Of course there are some people who hate it too, and I think for those very same reasons. I think they went in expecting a popcorn monster movie with some thrills and a typical endinga date-night movie, basicallybut thats not what they got.

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