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Donald Calloway - former Episcopalian (2007-0723); Alan Clune - former Episcopalian; Dr.Brennan Pursell - former Neo-Paganist; Anne Margaret Nilsen - JH in Scandanavia(2012-0319); Mark Kurowski - former United Methodist Pastor; Fr.Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN): Watch live on Internet, schedule (24x7) Shalom World TV: Watch live on Internet, schedule (24x7), Videos, Catholic Television Network / Catholic Life Television : Watch Catholic TV / Catholic Life Television live on Internet, schedule (24x7) (US Eastern Time) of Catholic TV / Catholic Life Television Telecare: Watch live on Internet, schedule (24x7) (US Eastern time) New Evangelization Television (NET): Watch live on Internet, Topics Goodness TV India (in Malayalam and some in English): Programs (24x7), Divine Vision Network: Divine TV Online (24x7) Church Militant. Patrick's Day () CCCFamily Films: John Paul II: The Man, The Pope, and His Message 10 videos about 2 minutes each return to Links list table The Commercial Dong Haeng (walking with Him) (Cartoon animation in English and in Korean) The Good Samaritan The New Media Bible (Real Player) Interview with God; Interview with God Interview with Jesus: In God we trust; The Lord's prayer; Psalm 23; I Am; Forgiven ( It's in the Valleys I grow ( Kids 4 Truth Multimedia presentation: Creation; One; The Arrival; Chosen ( The Pencil Parable Tommy's window (Collection of Power Point slides) Resurrection ( The New Media Bible (Real Player) Pictures of Our Lady ( Gallery of the Rosary ( John Bell's Christian Art Gallery: Christian Images, wall paper, postcard ( Icons ( Icons of the Celestial Kingdom: ( Christian Scrolls from Pre-Revolutionary China from the collection of the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History return to Links list table Daily mass reading (The New American Bible - US Catholic Conference) Daily Reflections (on mass reading) (Creighton) Commentaries on the Daily Gospel of the Mass ( Kay Murdy) Daily Bible reflections Veritas Daily Scripture Readings and Meditation Douay-Rheims Bible ( Douay-Rheims Bible ( The New American Bible - US Conference of Catholic Bishops Douay-Rheims Bible , Search Douay-Rheims Bible (org) Bible: Revised Standard Version Bible Gateway Our Daily Bread Daily Scripture readings and meditations; Parables; The Early church fathers on the Scriptures New Testament: Rheims Reflections (Veritas, Archdiocese of Singapore) St.TV Vatican Radio: Watch live on Internet Rede Seculo 21 (21 Century Network, Brasil) (Portuguese) Friends of Jesus Passover Online School of Evangelization (English, Chinese) Fountain of Love and Life: Watch Video (Chinese with English subtitles) Catholic Radio Association: Catholic Radio Travel Guide (download list of Catholic radio stations) Gradalupe Radio Network Creative Communication Center (CCC) of America return to Links list table Padre Pio Miracle Man English Movie() St. Patrick - The Irish Legend () Mary of Nazareth () Magdalena: Released from Shame () Bl. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, Biblical Instruction: online classes (founder: Scott Hahn) The Good Samaritan The New Media Bible (Real Player) Resurrection The New Media Bible (Real Player) Catholic Biblical Association of America Bible Society of South Africa Why and How to read the Bible?Francis Assisi Movie() Paul the Apostle Movie() Songs of Bernadette Part 1 (), Part 2 () St. The Story of Kateri Tekakwitha(); Kateri (Tekakwitha)(English subtitle)(), Kateri (EWTN interview of producer)() St Bakhati (English subtitles): Part 1(), Part 2(), Part 3(), Part 4() St. ; Bible and Culture in African Christianity Links of Bible resources return to Links list table Catholics Come Home: Real People-Real Stories (videos); Answering your questions: Church teaching; Marriage and divorce; Moral issues; Confession, A guide for confession (pdf leaflet); Death and grieving Catholic Faith in daily life language ( Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction ( Once Catholic (for seekers and their concerns) Questions and answers: Marriage Issues, Not Fed, Drifted away, Quarrel with the staff, Felt excluded, Abortion/Post-Abortion, Church teaching Top 10 Reasons to come back to the Catholic Church; Why I am Catholic; 12 reasons I enjoy being Catholic; How does one become a Catholic? Bernadette, Pricess of Lourdes () , The Making of Juan Diego () , St.