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Romantic gestures not only aid in rejuvenating relationships, but they leave your girlfriend with a feeling of mystery and excitement.

Whether you want to thank her for being there for you, encourage her to reach a goal, or simply put a smile on her face, saying sweet things can give her confidence, fill her heart with joy, and enhance her affection for you.

Leaving romantic notes for your sweetie is a great way to stay at the forefront of his mind, and to let him know where your thoughts are too!

Add a little comedy to your notes to make them extra special.

decorating Easter eggs also makes a fabulous date night!

We usually plan a fun, family night helping the kiddos dye and decorate their eggs, and then decorate OUR OWN eggs after the kiddos are in bed for a fun at-home date.}Dying and decorating Easter eggs together is one of my kids’ favorite Easter traditions!

We usually stick with the traditional Easter egg dying kits you buy at the store.But after discovering all of the seriously FUN, CREATIVE and DARLING ideas on Pinterest, I think that might be changing. ) TIP: If you haven’t tried using a wire whisk to dye your Easter eggs, I highly recommend it!Just wait until you see all of the gorgeous, unique Easter egg ideas that we’ve found. It’s so much easier for kids to help without dropping the egg.And while you’re at it, check out these fun Easter egg paining brushes. (Sorry, did it again.) If you want to try your hand at authentic, amazing Ukrainian egg decorating- then grab yourself an inexpensive kit and check out this tutorial. Sharing personal feelings and paying sincere compliments to your girlfriend can magnify her feelings toward you and your relationship.Women can be very emotional, and they take it to heart when you express your emotions.