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By all means, be a gentleman, a great guy, but that alone does not equate to attraction!Also, initially meeting women was not easy for me and we’ll go into how to do that, even if you are never going to walk up to an attractive woman and introduce yourself. There are many techniques and places to meet women!es to shorten the learning curve I very highly recommend: First, if you have had between very little to moderate success with women, Carlos Xuma’s Program is simply awesome – click the link below to check it out. Now even an advanced guy can learn A LOT from Carlos program above. However to be a complete Badass with women, for the man who now has moderate to more success, Joshua Pellicier’s program below simply kick’s butt! Joshua Pellecier, the author, has helped many thousands of men get better quickly with women.

If you are looking for dating advice for men, then you have come to the right place!I am a normal guy, certainly no “Dating Guru.” I’m on the fat side, shy, not rich, and of average looks – and none of that matters! In the next few minutes you’ll discover what works and what doesn’t.Read every page of this site and you’ll find what I learned the hard way, and have success far faster.When I first started dating after over 15 years, I thought if I could meet attractive women and somehow get them to like me that would work. If you manage to meet a hot woman (easier to do than you think), becoming her friend doesn’t mean she’ll be attracted to you. Compliments, regardless how genuine, buying flowers, taking them out to fancy dinners, and otherwise being a great guy – a gentleman – simply does not work.I’ll give some of the biggest tips I’ve learned below: Here are 5 Critical Dating Tips It is a skill, and even if you have no innate talent, you can learn to become pretty good.

Whether you want one special lady to spend your life with, or want to (ethically) juggle several woman, or aren’t sure what you want, the same skills apply. Skip or shorten the boring conversations like “where are you from” and “what do you do for work” that other men are having with them.Men discuss facts, women discuss feelings, opinions, and thoughts.Try questions like “If you could wake up anywhere in the world and spend a day where would it be?” Ask them why they like certain things, even as simple as certain foods, colors, TV shows, etc.Tell them what you think – not facts, but opinions and feelings, especially in areas you are passionate about.Hey, we’re men, and the first thing we notice about a woman is her looks.