Updating mythbuntu

sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces You probably only see a set of "lo", or loopback, settings.

ifconfig -a Take a note what your current broadcast, subnet mask, and gateway settings are.

Also, have you decided on an IP address for your Mythbuntu box yet?

Next, issue this command to modify the Mythbuntu box its network settings.

The First Myth TV system I build (usering a Pundit-R and Fedora Core 2) took me 3 months to run smoothly.

The second one (Fedora Core 5) was ready in about a week.

This 3-tuner Mythtv system runs for three years now and I'm very happy with it.

But there are some improvements to make:efore you start, unplug al the USB devices except your keyboard and USB stick with the BIOS update.

After updating my ASRock, I spend hours to get rid of the "CMOS checksum error" because the keyboard didn't work with the USB tuners plugged in.before starting to install the system, first check to see if there are any BIOS updates from the manufacturer.

Mine got delivered with P1.50 but ASRock had P1.50 as latest stable BIOS so I flashed this one.

The process of flashing a new BIOS is very simple: Dowload the latest BIOS from the ASRock website (make sure you have the right one!!!

) The idea behind using the Silvershield (and extra IR receiver and USB hub) is to switch off the 3 tuners when they are not recording and when the Myth Frontend (live TV) is not used. Read also these separate pages:introductioncriteriahardware selectionsilencing the ASROck ION 330BIOS update Download Mythbuntu and check MD5SUMburn to CD or use UNetbootin to create a bootable USB stick from the iso (this saves you a CD :-)/dev/sda1 ext3 /boot 200 MB/dev/sda2 ext4 / 20000MB/dev/sda3 swap 3000MB/dev/sda4 ext4 /data restname : asrockcomputername: asrockinstallation type: Prim.