Updating samsung bd p1400

The most recent update gave us new BD-Live support that allows access the web from the video or menu for additional content.This may not be a huge feature now but will surely be large part of things to come.I also use a Panasonic DMP-BD30 for testing and have had excellent results. We do have several early Sony and Samsung models in the Encore lab– Some of these models had serious issues early on but were fixed with Firmware updates. If you are making Blu-ray discs for sale, make sure to tell your customer that they may need a firmware update to play your BD-R or BD-RE discs.

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FIRMWARE WARS – if you are making BD-R’s for yourself or for your customers, it a good idea to get to know the more popular Blu-ray players. Most of the older Blu-ray players need a firmware update to play BD-R or BD-RE (re-writeable). I’ve heard arguments ranging from constant changing of the Blu-ray spec to copyright issues.Either way it will effect all of us at some point that are burning Blu-ray video from desktop applications like Adobe Encore.It really does not make a difference when you purchased the player – If your BD-R or BD-RE disc will not play after you’ve burned it and the firmware has not been updated, then you more than likely need to do a firmware update.double-checking the country/region of the firmware. I mainly use a Sony Playstation 3 for testing projects.The Playstation 3 is currently the cheapest Blu-ray player with an Ethernet port.

This really makes it simple for updating firmware via the web.

The PS3 seems to get a new firmware update about every 8 weeks or so.

I have provided a few links to get you started but I highly suggest doing a on your Blu-ray player model.

Try searching for something like “Panasonic DMP-BD30 Firmware”.

You will see a ton of posts ranging from links to download the firmware(always look for the manufactures site first) to issues with the current firmware. Most require you to download the file and burn it to a CD-R.

When you load the CD-R in the player, it will read the file and ask you confirm the update.