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The third way to check for genuine Windows 7 is to go to the Control Panel.Click on Start, then Control Panel, then click on System and Security, and finally click on System.Then scroll all the way down to the bottom and you should see a section called Windows activation, which says “Windows is activated” and gives you the Product ID.

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VERIFY without a parameter will display the current setting."VERIFY dummy_text" will set %ERRORLEVEL% to 1 VERIFY is an internal command. But men can fake whole relationships” ~ Sharon Stone Related: MOVE - Move files from one folder to another EXIT - Quit the current script/routine, optionally setting an errorlevel.So you have a computer with Windows 7 installed, but you’re not sure if you are running a genuine version of the OS.The second way to determine if you have a valid copy of Windows 7 is to use the validation tool on the Microsoft website.If you ever tried to download updates from Microsoft, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes your copy of Windows has to be validated before it allows you to start the download.

Well, you can use that tool independently of downloading an update by going to the following address: Then click on the Validate link at the top.Make sure that you visit the site while in Internet Explorer, otherwise it will ask you do download a small program onto your computer in order to validate.You may have this issue if you downloaded a copy of Windows 7 or if someone installed it for you.Either way, there are a couple of different ways to check and make sure that your Windows 7 copy is genuine.The first way to validate that Windows 7 is genuine is to click on Start, then type in activate windows in the search box.If your copy of Windows 7 is activated and genuine, you will ge t a message that says “Activation was successful” and you will see the Microsoft Genuine software logo on the right hand side.