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Hiroshi Tamura is older brother [Source: Flickr]Founder: Shiro Tsuji, born in 1945, a prominent arch-top guitar builder in Japan. T and Joodee jazz guitars were highly acclaimed among the Japanese jazz players in 1970's. H., Shimokura Custom New Yorker Dating T and Joodee guitars by logo 'T and Joodee'. Tsuji' in 1994 [Source and logo image: Kevin Kim, Sharpened Flat , email 26/10/2012] "Tanglewood Guitars was founded in London in 1988 and later moved to Biggin Hill, Kent and opened additional warehouse space Wetherby in Yorkshire.

The first Tagima guitars were made in the early 80's by Mr. Marutec Music acquired the rights to use the brand Tagima in 1996. The product line Memphis by Tagima was launched along with the line of bass guitars and new guitar models. INDIAN Used Since :01/09/2007 KOLKATA MUSICAL INSTRUMENT" [Source: Trade Mark Journal] The Talbo (Tokai Aluminium Body) began production 1982 and are still made today.

The Instituto de Guitarra e Tecnologia (IG&T) of Sao Paulo closed a deal to use Tagima's instruments in its classes, increasing the brand recognition. More ornate models produced in conjunction with Zemaitis and have the combo logo see left.

In the early 1970s Tahara-san had a factory in Matsumoto Japan that was engaged primarily in the production of lower-mid range acoustic guitars Mr Tahara's factory in Matsumoto went into bankruptcy in the mid to late 1970s after which he moved to Tateshina outside of Maruko-machi in Nagano Prefecture where he focused exclusively on Mandolin production. A brand out of India."Advertised before Acceptance under section 20(1) Proviso 1853532 24/08/2009 TAKAMIN MUSICAL INDUSTRIES trading as TAKAMIN MUSICAL INDUSTRIES 1/22, SANTINAGAR COLONY, P. The range was first introduced as a cast aluminium body but is now available in a variety of body materials including wood (Talbo Woody) , an open aluminium structure within built in speaker (Talbo Junior) and an acrylic model (Talbo Crystal). Y0P####, with the first digit indicating the year followed by a zero, followed by where it fell in the production run (1 = early, 4 = late, etc. In '89, Tokai switched to indicating the year with two digits: 89#####.

First, a range of medium-quality Martin-dread inspired guitars including 12-strings, most with laminated spruce tops, some solid (unusual), most with lots of plastic pearl.

Sold via the Ibanez catalog in Japan as a separate line.

Most peghead logos were a vertical TAMA, in the old CF Martin style.Distributed in the US by Chesbro Music Company of Idaho Falls, Idaho.Second: a similar but higher-quality series made roughly 1977-79, all with solid mahogany or rosewood ('jacaranda' in catalog) backs/sides, solid spruce tops, ebony fingerboards/bridges, plus wider headstocks with a single abalone T logo.Tamura brothers were Japanese luthiers living in Kochi-prefecture, Japan.They produced Classical and Flamenco guitars from 1950s to early 1980s.Both of them passed away so there are not many information now.