Who is actor adam rodriguez dating who is johnny depp dating in 2016

Of course, there were rumors that this on-screen chemistry was fueled by a real-life romance between the pair, but those reports were never confirmed.

According to Variety, Rodriguez has recently been cast in the second season of “Empire.” The 40-year-old New York native will be playing the role of Laz Delgado, a smooth-talking concert promoter and former EMT worker who will likely become a love interest of Cookie..

As previously reported, Alicia Keys, Zac Efron, Lenny Kravitz, Chris Rock and Ne-Yo are also slated to make appearances during the new 18-episode season.

He has such a big and positive impact on everyone in this film—that was what I felt was the most important to portray.

He really is a great representation of what we are as Latinos.

He’s so full of goodness, integrity, sense of family and how important that is.

He doesn’t have any of that in his life but still understands the value. The biggest challenge was not making him too perfect. But he actually has a dark past and its part of the reason why he knows what’s important in life.

But the NYC native is taking the shakeup as an opportunity to expand his career in film and landed a starring role in Tyler Perry's new film, I Can Do Bad All By Myself. Tell us a little about your character Sandino in Tyler Perry’s new film I Can Do Bad All By Myself.

We sat down with the Cuban and Puerto Rican hottie to find out what's on the horizon for this rising star and found out some interesting stories about his time on set along the way. Sandino is a Colombian immigrant who has come to this country in search of a better life but is having a tough time.He doesn’t have a home and he’s completely by himself, so he goes to a specific church because he knows the pastor had done missionary work in Colombia.That pastor gets him a job to fix April’s (Taraji Henson) house, so he works for room and board.I think keeping that underneath what was going on with the character was a bit of a challenge. One of the funnier moments that comes to mind is in one of the first scenes Taraji and I filmed.She gets some sad news and I’m consoling her and at the end of the moment we started kissing and no one called cut so we continue kissing and kissing.We were waiting for someone to say something but we didn’t want to break the scene.