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The Time Lord's current sidekick, Billie Piper, will be replaced by little-known soap actress Freema Agyeman in the next series of the hit sci-fi drama.

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Miss Piper, 23, who will bow out of the show this Saturday, has given a critically-acclaimed performance over the last two series and has several new television projects lined up.For Miss Agyeman, the highlight of her career to date has been playing Lola Wise in Crossroads in 2001.She also appeared in Casualty, The Bill and Silent Witness.She will earn an estimated 80,000 for the 13-episode series - half as much as Miss Piper did.[on the growing popularity of Doctor Who in America] I can't believe how it has just exploded over here.

When I was doing the show, we didn't get to come over to America and do any of the promotion.The new lot [of Doctor Who actors] did, but my agent said, 'Don't worry, whatever happens with them, it kind of ripples outwards and the whole family reaps the benefit of that', so it's been great for...A black assistant is to step aboard the Tardis for the first time in Doctor Who's 43-year history.Miss Agyeman was born on the Woodberry Down housing estate in Finsbury Park, North London.Her parents separated when she was young and neighbours spoke last night of how her father was 'never around'.Her mother Azar, brother Domenic and sister Leila lived in a cramped three-bedroomed flat.