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But that doesn’t mean the Steelers are south on him. Lou Williams, SG, Lakers – Sweet Lou has some deep value for now. NFL NEWSVernon Davis has fallen off a cliff the last two seasons.

The notion that the Saints use a three-headed committee at running back regardless of available talent is misguided.Note that when Pierre Thomas was injured last year (Weeks 4-7), Ingram averaged 29.0 touches per game.And in the six games Khiry missed last year, Ingram was at 25.7 touches per game.Ingram, who is currently at 18.9 touches, is about to get a nice boost.RELATED: WONDERING ABOUT STEVIEKeenan Allen and Philip Rivers had about as good chemistry as any duo in the league, leading to an elite 77.9 catch rate on 11.1 targets per game. Vertical stretch Malcom Floyd gets a little boost, but the bigger boost goes to Stevie Johnson.

Formerly limited to a slot role and around 80 percent of the snaps, look for Stevie to push closer to 100 percent as he adds outside receiving in two-wide sets to his role.

And anytime Antonio Gates (knee) sits, Johnson will have an even bigger role. So when Le’Veon Bell returned from suspension, De Angelo Williams was relegated to strict spectator status. CHI – Stevie Johnson is the better play, but Floyd should run a few more high-percentage routes with Keenan Allen done.

With just five weeks left in most leagues’ regular seasons, we have to throw caution to the wind.

The bad news is that Week 8 was the worst week we’ve had all year for injuries.

The good news is that’s opened up a ton of opportunities for active and aggressive owners.

We can attack the waiver wire for strong value and pounce on desperate owners in trade situations.