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The XML Master consists of two certification levels: The XML Master Basic ("Basic") and the XML Master Professional ("Professional").

The XML Master Basic certifies the basic technical XML competency of a professional.

The Basic certification exam consists of foundational content related to XML and XML technologies (DTD, XML Schema, XSLT, Namespace).

As this is the first installment of our series, we will begin by providing an overview of the XML Master exam and the most frequently encountered XML technologies.

Index Every year, the "XML Master" IT certification becomes more popular as a means to prove one's technical skills related to XML. Perhaps it's because XML technology has become so closely intertwined with our personal lives.

For example, XML is now the predominant file saving format for Office products. The leading DBMS, DTP and other software productivity tools are also adopting XML compatibility as a standard feature.

Having an understanding of XML when using these types of software programs offered by various vendors will allow XML data links to be used in a variety of applications.

Today, being able to use XML has become an indispensable skill for the IT professional.

The XML Master was first introduced in October 2001 as a vendor-neutral certification program for objectively determining a professional's skill level in XML technology.During November 2004, the number of XML Masters surpassed 10,000 professionals, and the number of exam candidates continues to grow each year.Yasuhiro Nonaka This is the first installment of our "XML Master Basic V2" exam strategy course.In this series, we will be commenting on the knowledge, important issues, techniques, and approach to help you pass the Basic V2 exam.But our objective is not to merely help you pass the XML Master.At the same time, this series will provide you with a basic foundation related to XML technology.