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Their doctors have no idea the real reason for their ill health is the improperly treated hypothyroidism.

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The question was so important that it had me thinking and thinking about how best to address it. Yes chronic urticaria (hives) is one of the hundreds of potential hypothyroidism symptoms. Hi Dana – 6 months ago, I started having hives every night. ” Yipsy My hope is that this post finds the millions of people worldwide who are not aware of their condition.Blood tests and research on web have not yielded any help. After google thyroid and hive, I found some potential linkage between my condition and Thyroid. They are suffering from multiple health complications but they have no clue their thyroid is to blame.I appreciate if you can share symptoms that link to Hypothyroid on your website so that people know what to look for. Their doctors are prescribing medication after medication for illnesses that could be treated by addressing the underlying hypothyroidism. Then there are those who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and treated with thyroid replacement medication, however they still suffer from many of the symptoms on this list.Who knew that little butterfly-shaped thyroid gland at the base of our necks could affect our lives so completely?Don’t underestimate the power of that little gland.

It is the master control center for the metabolic functions of every single cell in your body.Therefore it has the power to disrupt every part of your body and to produce profound changes in every aspect of your life.Scientific research links hypothyroidism to heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, gall bladder disease, liver disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.The Thyroid Federation International estimates there are up to 300 million people worldwide experiencing thyroid dysfunction, yet over half are presumed to be unaware of their condition.Despite research connecting an underactive thyroid to some of the deadliest diseases of our time, the hypothyroidism epidemic sweeping across the globe has gone largely unrecognized by the mainstream medical community.Are you sure you are ready for this long pathetic list of symptoms?